Friday, May 15, 2009


Now an Apple is a fruit I love to hate. Don't get me wrong, I really like the taste of Apples, it is just that I hate the fact little bits of it stick in my teeth post snack, and that drives me nuts! So unless I can floss right after I eat, an Apple is usually out of bounds for me.

Strange conversation, you say? What business does a feline have, eating fruits and even worse talking about them? Riiight, it was just a coincidence that I was extremely hungry to the extant that the growling in my stomach was indistinguishable from the growling in my throat and the only thing available right away was, wait for it, yup was an Apple. Anyway demolished it! Regretted it! Bitched about it! And now venting, post a 10 minute search to get a particularly gritty piece out from near the salivary glands.

In a happier frame of mind, Golf is out this weekend thanks to the rain (no really, I mean it, I am grateful it is raining), cause it frees me up for my favorite indoor sport. So the question that begs to be asked is why play something I am obviously not extremely enthused about. The answer is pure and simple, peer pressure.

Everyone the Tom Kat knows, colleagues at work, old school mates or even social friends, plays it, not playing golf is actually a social impediment in these circles. It is one of the few battles that the Tom Kat chooses not to fight and instead prefers to confine. Though to clarify, he does enjoy it to some extant, there is much to be said about being in the sun, green ways and the peace, on the other hand it is exactly that tranquility that he dislikes. The serenity is too taxing on his poor brain which thrives on chaos. A violent, fast, aggressive and intense game is right up his alley.

I have completely digressed from my planned post of the day, but as the old saying goes, 'the best laid plains of man and kat oft go awry'.

Happy Hunting! ME-ow!

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