Monday, May 18, 2009


Is it just me or has the world had a regime change in the name of social networking and reality tv, wherein everyone is classified into one of two camps the voyeurs and the streakers.

The streakers - obviously have an unquenchable thirst for shedding the trench coats, people normally use to keep thoughts/details of their lives private and broadcasting/foisting all the details of their lives (no matter how banal) on to their 300 best friends, acquaintances and their dogs. They do so in the steady, Chinese-water-torture drip of status updates on Facebook, Twitter posts or Blog updates. The very fact that the streakers have an audience has convinced them that every facet of their life must be inherently interesting enough to alert everyone to its importance.

The voyeurs - These more interesting and some what more complex personalities from the streakers. Part of them get suckered into being a 'friend-whore' on these social networking sites, adding people they barely spoke too in school / college / work / life to their friend list or accepting 'pokes' / 'friend requests' from similar people for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which being they don't want to be left out of the 'loop'. The rest of these suckers (voyeurs) lead such lousy boring lives that they feel the need to live vicariously through others, by commenting on the streakers pictures, adding a ROFL to an inane twit/post on someone 'having had enough to not give one or two shits' or another friend 'trying not to care too much'.

Blow that! I guess I am a streaker and I will just have to live with that. But that isn't what bothers me, it is the other streakers whose inane and banal conversations I have to put up with, unless I decide to 'unfriend' them. Until then 'Just got back from work' updates are going to have to be accepted as a part of life.

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